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College Forbes is your scholarships, opportunities, study guides and financial aids website with credible and dependable information.

With access to information on opportunities, scholarship applications for undergraduate, master and postgraduate program, international degree study.

College Forbes  publishes vital credible information for students and the general public.


To be a top education information base and relevant portal to students, other academicians and the general public.

Our Mission

  • To be a  promoter of scholarship information, opportunities, study guides and financial aids needed by any student and general public.
  • To provide students and general public with information they need on available scholarships, study guides and opportunities.
  • To serve as a source of information on international study guides, academic activities 

Our Cardinal Principles

  • Publishing
  • Keep Informed

Our Target Audience

  • Students (undergraduates and Post Graduates(Master & PhD).
  • General Public
  • International Institutions and Countries For a degree Study 

Our Focus

  • Education
  • Scholarships (Undergraduate,Master,PhD)
  • Guides ( Colleges, Universities and Proficiency Test)
  • Study International and national.
  • Financial Aids.
  • Graduate Opportunities

The Strength of CollegeForbes

  • Parades a galaxy of brilliant and perceptive columnists daily
  • Compact layout and colorful pages.
  • Unique style of reporting and writing: elevated language and concise.
  • Detailed analysis, and clarity of thought.

NOTE: Lets help you get the opportunities you desire, ..."Every Preparation combined with Opportunities Yield Success"


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Nov 6, 2018


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a good website fro scholarship search and abroad study

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Thanks Sam for your comment, believe you're exploring good opportunities on the website.


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