Why International Students Study in University of Birmingham

International students now choose study at University of Birmingham, the university attracts students  from worldwide to study in the UK. Why are international students clamoring for study in University of Birmingham, what makes the school attracting to students from other country

Why Study at University of Birmingham 

University of Birmingham International Scholarship Programme 

The university offers variety of scholarships to students, you better be on the bright side to choose the university.
Start applying for the University of Birmingham international scholarships for students, the university rewards outstanding achievements and help students ensure that no constrain in finance and fund challenge for international students.

This reward encourages and does not deter students from considering study at University of Birmingham. Numerous prestigious scholarships are offered to international students for study.

Support For International Students 

Studying at the university of Birmingham requires students to pay for living and tuition fees. If you learn more about available financial supports- The current scholarships programmes and other source of funding at the university, supports international students  whom are EU and Non EU applicants.

The wide variety of scholarships, grants and loans available from the government and UK providers, foundations- these international scholarships are available to students from around the world which includes; Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Learn about them and decide which to apply. you can find the information below and the links to access them are available to students.

Study Programme

Alot of countries have different available education system to United Kingdom-University of Birmingham, the institute

Undergraduate Progrmme -University of Birmingham
How to Apply
Undergraduate programme application in the UK are made through Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). International students who are prospective student to University of  Birmingham must apply online and the application is forwarded by UCAS to the university on behalf of the student

Postgradute Programme -University of Birmingham 
The university accepts application for postgraduate directly. You can find out more about postgraduate programme at university of Birmingham as international students

International Student Tuition Fee 

Your first time of staying away from home as students, find the tuition fee at university of Birmingham affordable for your study programme. The programme type chosen by you will determine the cost of your tuition fee. 

Also the level of your study if offered a study at University of Birmingham. The tuition fee are paid annually, a typical tuition fee for international students  for 2019-2020 is given below.
do confirm individual tuition fee in  admission offer letter issued to you by the university.

Type of Programme
Undergraduate Tuition Fee
Postgraduate Taught Tuition  Fee (£)

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